Teaching people how to utilize their intuition and healing abilities to navigate the great shift and prosper in the new energies.

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You have natural intuition and healing abilities. Everyone does. They are special gifts of the soul that are given as blessings to each one of us at the moment of our birth. For many people, however, these precious gifts remain dormant unless they're awakened and brought to life.

As a teacher of higher awareness, spiritual guide and healer, I am here to show you how to enhance, deepen and fortify your Soul contact so that you can connect with and activate the powerful intuitive and healing abilities you have within you.

The world is changing. The Earth is making her way into higher dimensions and taking us along into higher energies.  Let's navigate the great shift together with compassion and awareness of our connection to the greater universe.

Now is the time to act! 

The world changes each time we change.  Let's change the world together!

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Email: SusanZummo@gmail.com


  "Trust will answer every question you will ever have." 

- my soul's response