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Susan Zummo

Master Teacher of Higher Consciousness 

Podcasts & Interviews

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  • On Living & Thriving with Rustie, we talked about the Corona Virus, living past trauma and connecting to your own inner truth in the face of great upheaval. What a great conversation we had about practical spirituality and accessing your intuition for guidance and healing.

  • Calan Breckon and I discussed all things "Intuition" and coming out of the metaphysical closet on "Discovering Your Truth Talks". Calan and I dove deeply into the fears that hold us back and how to over come them and trust self and Higher Source. We had such a great talk that I returned for a 2nd interview about my book and Interpreting Symbols. (soon to be posted)
  • Listen to my guest appearance on "Dare to be Authentic" with Mari Mitchell. I shared tips on how to start living an authentic life and deepen your connection to your Higher Power. I had time to include a short 90 second meditation guaranteed to balance, uplift and energize your body, mind and soul.

  • I was an expert guest on Business A.D.V.A.N.T.A.G.E. Radio sharing practical tips and timely information on how to use Intuition to make better business decision. We had a lively conversation about the many applications of intuition both at work and at home. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

​Intuitive Success

  • Listen to my latest interview about intuition - who has it, how to develop it and practical applications for everyday use.

  • Unstructured Effective Prayer Interview explores the connection between prayer, meditation, and manifesting along with the use of prayer in healing. Practical tips on creating your own effective prayers are included.

  • Forgiveness and Chronic Pain Release was the topic for this discussion on Soul Empowerment Radio. Susan outlined the road blocks to forgiveness and a guided the listeners through a quick, easy and effective process to ''let it go'. Susan was given permission to share this process by the originator, Connie Newton (founder of P.A.T. and Soma Pi).