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Susan Zummo

Master Teacher of Higher Consciousness 

Soul Patterning Harmonics™

Soul Patterning Harmonics™ was first brought through in February of 1993 as Soul Patterning Energy Seminars(r). At that time, I intended it to be a healing and manifesting energy because it would accelerate growth and learning.  

The Beings of Light who work with me and channel the harmonic energy to me told me that this was only a small part of what could be done with the techniques but the time was not right.

After doing workshops and Soul Patternings on students for 2 years, I realized the Beings of Light were right. The energy was too strong and the world wasn’t ready to receive it. 

 Soul Patterning energy comes from harmonic tones generated by the Beings of Light and channeled through me. I didn’t have a name for the type of energy used at the time but today I know it to be High 5D Galactic Light Harmonics.

 Now the frequency of the world is ready and Soul Patterning Harmonics™ 

are being brought forth to assist those in the ascension process for the benefit of others.

What are the possible benefits of Soul Patterning Harmonics™?

• A clearer and a stronger connection to the Soul, Higher-Self, Source/ Creator

• Strengthening and clearing of the self-contained auric field in place around the individual

• Release of negative thought forms and fear-based energy patterns

• Accelerated enhancement of your natural intuitive and spiritual gifts

• Activate your inner healer

• Take your manifesting to the next level for greater service

• Increased frequency to harmonize with 4D – 5D Galactic Frequencies

• Firmly anchor and activate your DNA in ascension energies

• Enhance creativity for personal and professional projects

During a Soul Patterning Harmonics™ workshop you will:

• Receive an individual Soul Patterning Harmonics™ energy treatment that will align you with your own Soul’s matrix and higher Galactic dimension frequencies

• Understand how to seed your desires into higher densities to create positive change

• Learn a special technique to activate your own Soul Matrix and corresponding DNA

• Energize your intention for the next phase of your life

• Learn how to align all your energy bodies with 4D/5D Galactic energies after the workshop

• Receive individualized instruction in a small group setting

• Increase Light in the body to activate ascension energies

Contact Susan for Workshop Dates:

[email protected]

Workshop Length: 4 hours

Tuition: $125.00

Maximum: Nine (9) Participants